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Why Documentary?

I’m going to get a bit personal… My mother passed away when I was quite young, nine to be exact. All of my memories of her are as a nine year old would remember things, a bit vague and foggy. The memories that really stick out in my mind are the ones that have pictures attached to them.
mom & mePINIMAGE

Recently, I was looking through my mother’s old photo album. I began to notice that I quickly passed over the posed family portraits and lingered on those pictures of the two of us interacting.

This picture may not be especially significant to anyone else. But to me, it represents so much. I loved riding on those red 4 wheelers. We had driven out to a desert wash for some winter camping. I can still remember my mother’s laughter. I remember being mesmerized by the water spraying up into a wall on either side of us each time we entered the creek . And, I remember feeling so old and independent because she let me sit on the back and hang on around her waist, while my little sister had to sit on in the front to be more protected.

The family picture is fun for me to see. But, I don’t especially connect with it. It doesn’t convey the love we had in our family. It doesn’t remind me of any significant time or moment in life. It doesn’t show much of anything, except how we looked at that time, and maybe that my brother’s tie was pretty awesome!

Early Family PicPINIMAGEHence, my new found desire to launch a whole new style of photography from what I have been doing for over 10 years. I’m realizing that my children don’t have a lot of photos with me in them. What will they look back on and remember about me? Not just me, but of US! Will they remember the mom that nagged everyone to get dressed up and look nice for the photo session? I hope not! I’d love for them to remember that I taught them to bake homemade bread, went swimming with them, played board games with them, taught them to wakeboard, and read books to them.  But, they are MUCH more likely to remember these things if they have photos to go with them.

Every family has a story all their own! Contact me or check the blog for more ideas & inspiration. As the decades pass, you and they will be so glad you did!

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